Celebrating Israeli culture in Edinburgh

The Shalom Festival which took place on 17th August 2016 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe was a joyous celebration of Israeli culture, showing how culture can help bring together all the different communities that make Israel such a diverse nation – Israeli Arabs, Bedouins, Christians, Druze as well as Jews and Muslims.

It was great to see that over 800 people attended the concert and in doing so showed their opposition to those protestors outside the venue who seek to discriminate against Israeli culture by their attempts to boycott it. Those who attended heard excellent music from bands anna RF and Yamma, as well as singer Tally Koren.

The founder of the Shalom Festival, Nigel Goodrich, said of the festival “what we wanted to do was bring Israeli art and culture back to the Edinburgh Fringe, to give people an opportunity to enjoy it.”

This was achieved and we look forward to people in the UK seeing how culture can bring diverse groups together and promote coexistence over the forces of hate.

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